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Please note, I sometimes will not be able to respond immediately to your request, i.e. if I am on a lesson. However, I will call you back as ASAP.

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GDPR (2018) Regulations.
Privacy Policy. Doug's Driving Lessons.

We take your privacy seriously! This website does not use cookies. Contact details, names or any other information that you provide (either by e-mail, phone or SMS message) will only be used to allow us to contact you in response to your query. This data will then be stored for a maximum of 14 days to allow you time to reply. If we do not hear from you after 14 days then the data will be deleted.

To comply with the law, we must check that you hold a valid driving licence before you are allowed to drive on the road. A photographic record of your licence will be stored on a "password protected" smartphone. This is solely used for our records and will not be shared with any other individual or organisation in any way unless there is a legitimate requirement to do so (eg police, insurance company etc). In these circumstances, we will attempt to make you aware that the data has been shared and give the reasons as to why.

You can view the record or ask for it to be deleted at any time but you will not be able to drive our vehicle unless the record is held.

The training car may be equipped with a camera or "dash-cam" which records footage electronically. The camera does not record inside the vehicle, is not focused on any specific person or object and does not record sound. It is NOT used for training purposes in any way.The camera faces outside the vehicle and is used solely for insurance and police investigation purposes in the event of an incident. Footage will only be shared where there is a legitimate requirement to do so (eg police, insurance company etc) and any footage that is not required for this sole purpose will be deleted automatically.